Brian Croft on Busy Pastors and Daily Schedules

Brian Croft serves as Senior Pastor at Auburndale Baptist Church in Louisville, KY and also as head of Practical Shepherding, a site I highly recommend for basics in faithful pastoring.  He gives some great tools for our pastoral toolbox in his article, “How Does a Busy Pastor Plan His Daily Schedule?”  Here’s an excerpt:

A pastor is not called to run programs for the masses. Nor is he called to do it all and try to please everyone. God is the one who calls pastors to ministry, and the specifics of that calling are clearly outlined in God’s Word. The only way a pastor can avoid these pitfalls and remain steadfast throughout his life and ministry is to know what God has truly called him to do—and to do it! The Apostle Peter exhorts elders/pastors[ to be shepherds—to care for God’s people.

If you’re a pastor, bookmark this site.  You’ll benefit greatly!


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