Bold in the Pulpit, Cold in the Marketplace?

May it never be!

This morning, our team met the Hungary missionaries at the University of Gyor to plant some seeds and make some relationships with the incoming students. Our goal was to connect them with the missionaries who would help them understand English better through studying the Word at their house church/small group on Sunday morning and Tuesday nights.  So, with two of our men running a flight simulator and the rest of us milling about among the students, we had a great time helping advance the Kingdom one step at a time in Hungary.

On our way, we prayerwalked.  My prayer partner, Dee, and I prayed aloud for various issues and items that God brought before us: the students, the team, etc.  God led me to pray for boldness.  I don’t remember exactly what I prayed, but my prayer in essence was, “Lord, help me not to only be bold in the pulpit and at times when I’m expected to be bold, but Lord, help me be bold in-between those times as well.”  Dee was floored, for in her prayer, she shared how she read during her devotion times through Ephesians 6, and came to the part where Paul prayed “that words may be given to me in opening my mouth boldly to proclaim the mystery of the gospel, for which I am already an ambassador in chains, that I may declare it boldly, as I ought to speak” (Ephesians 6:19-20). 

So, twice the term ‘boldly’ occurs in such a short amount of time.  Then God led me to pray that prayer.  But that’s exactly what was needed in talking to these students today.  Who knows how many will start coming to the missionaries’ times of study, but all we can do is plant seeds by engaging them in their thinking, helping them to consider the things of the Lord, and pray they would come to Christ, connect with His church, and commit to Kingdom work.

A funny connecting point today. I noticed that a young first year student was wearing a very familiar hat today.

If you’ll notice, that’s a Colorado Rockies hat. Imagine seeing that! Pray for Viktor, please!


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