Eye-Opening and Reaffirming: Rounding off My Missions Trip to Hungary


Our trip is now ending. I’m so grateful for this opportunity God provided by allowing me to come to this beautiful country of Hungary. It’s been eye-opening and reaffirming all at once.

It’s been eye-opening in regards to the secular and political climate in this country. Many have a religious upbringing, yet believe God either doesn’t exist or is unknowable. This climate is very similar to Denver, either a philosophical or a practical atheism pervades many residents of the city I love. May God break my heart over this.

As for reaffirming, here’s what I posted on Facebook this morning:

Meeting this week with the Hungarian house church drive home the fact that the fundamental nature of the church is to grow the gathered in prayer and the Word, so the gathered may go to show others the Word through prayer. Let’s take Christ to our communities.

More later.


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