Back to Basics, Church Leader

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Regardless of what type of church you lead, whether it’s a house church or church plant or an established church, the basics are there.  In a burst of an epiphany, I posted this toward the end of our time in Hungary:

Meeting this week with the Hungarian house church drive home the fact that the fundamental nature of the church is to grow the gathered in prayer and the Word, so the gathered may go to show others the Word through prayer. Let’s take Christ to our communities.

Indeed! Yes, by-laws are necessary, but if we spend our time debating the fine points of these documents, we’re stuck on peripheral issues.

Yes, building upkeep is important–having a building that’s falling apart provides numerous obstacles to people coming to hear the Word and connect with God’s people.  But if that becomes front and center, we’ve removed that which should be front and center.

When looking at the Great Commission and the Great Commandment, we see that the church must gather to grow and equip our people through glorifying, growing, and giving of what God has given to us!  The church then gathers to go and help others come to Christ, connect with His people, and commit to Kingdom work.

Our aim, dear church leader, is to take biblically someone who is an inquirer and guide them to be a multiplier through Kingdom advancement.  Inquirer to member to leader to multiplier!  Basics!  Gathering to grow, growing to go!

What are some things keeping us as leaders from pursuing the basics of the ‘Greats?’  Is our focus to train our people and disciple our people to move forward for the Kingdom?  What obstacles are in their way?  Will we pray that God would instill an urgency in our leaders and our people to approach the Throne of Grace and beg God to give us His heart for His work and will?

Yep, back to basics!  Back to the Book!


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