Christmas Has Its Cradle

cross_cradle12Christmas has its cradle,
where a baby cried
Did the lantern’s shadow
show Him crucified?
Did He forsee darkly
His life’s willing loss?

Christmas has its cradle
and Easter has its cross
Christmas has its cradle,
shepherds came to see
Little Son of Mary,
Lamb of God to be
Had His Father warned Him,
none would spare Him room
Save in the Christmas cradle
or in the Easter tomb

Christmas has its cradle,
wise men came to bring
Myrr and gold and incense,
off’rings for a King
Myrrh alone stayed with Him,
death’s balm for this Boy
From the Christmas cradle
and to His Easter joy

Christmas has its cradle,
where that Baby cried
In the Easter garden,
Christ lay, crucified
When death’s pow’r was conquered,
God’s life through Him poured
Christmas has its cradle
and Easter has its Lord!

(Rae Whitney)


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