Let’s Do This, Broncos!

2016-02-04 08.06.22

Denver is all abuzz due to the Denver Broncos making it to their eighth Super Bowl.  For the longest time in my NFL-watching life, the Broncos were in my Top Five least favorite teams.  Before the Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore in 1995, they were my favorite team.  And seeing my beloved Bernie Kosar lose to the Broncos three times in the AFC Championship in the late 1980s just made me dread the Orange Crush and John Elway.

Times change. I now live in Denver, where I made my home since late 2011. While I still love my Bengals, even though they broke my heart into little pieces during their last playoff game, I’ve grown to love the Denver Broncos as well. So I’ll be pulling for them again in the Super Bowl, while my dad and brother will be pulling for the Carolina Panthers. It should be a fun time.

Enjoy the game, everyone! Go Broncos!



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