The Three Needed Actions for Small Group Leaders

11899884_10205822654620568_5598474564055025931_nThe Word is what matters foundationally in small groups.  If small group leaders do not lead with the Word, then what necessity do they really have?  But when our small group leaders are faithful to the Word, they must identify and eliminate obstacles that prevent the Word from having its desired effect.

A couple weekends ago, I had time with our Sunday Morning Bible Study teachers and encouraged them to have these actions and attitudes as they approach their teaching times.

  1. Expectation.  Whether they are a Sunday School teacher in the church building or a small group leader outside the building, pray they have a sense of expectation: an expectation that God will show up, and expectation that guests will show up, and an expectation that God’s Word will accomplish what He seeks it.
  2. Delegation. Small group leaders should give responsibilities to their group: prayer, outreach, social, follow-up, substitute teacher, etc.  That way, not all of the responsibility of everything is on the leaders’ shoulders.  Leaders, will you delegate?  Learners, will you volunteer to help?
  3. Evaluation.  They should have 2-3 people in their group that they know aren’t ‘yes-people’ to come alongside them and give them feedback.  It should deal with content (how’s the curriculum set up), connection (how’s my tone/body language?), and conversation (am I lecturing too much?  Am I bringing in the class into the conversation).

Each of these items affects how they teach the Word of God.

  • Without expection, they get into a rut, only talking to those from church world.
  • Without delegation, they have less time to prepare for the Word.
  • Without evaluation, they are less effective in communicating the Word.

Tell me what I missed; or tell me ways that you’ve seen these actions help your small group.


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