The Benefits and Blessings of Blizzards

“For to the snow he says, ‘Fall on the earth,’ likewise to the downpour, his mighty downpour” (Job 37:6, ESV).

Today was an interesting day on the meteorological front here in Denver, Colorado.

Yesterday, the temperature rose to a high of 73 degrees–complete with a weather warning for the following day for blizzard conditions. This morning? Blizzard conditions! 

Many lament the fact that this blizzard came. I can understand it, for I don’t know too many who like this weather combination.  It’s easy to talk about the negatives:

  • shoveling snow on the driveways and sidewalks;
  • having to drive in such conditions to get to work;
  • scraping ice and brushing snow off the car so you can drive in such conditions to get to work;
  • traffic accidents galore by those unskilled in navigating in such weather;

I’m sure we could all list off a few more negatives.  Yet, I submit this question: are there any benefits to a blizzard?  Yes!

  1. We know that God has a reason for sending this to begin with, so this is always a great place to start (Job 37:6; Romans 8:28).  Plus, blizzards are a reminder of his incredible power and majesty. 
  2. The snow provides much-needed hydration, especially here in Denver.  In Denver, it only rains 12-15” per year, so the residents here do not mind the snow. One of my deacons told me when I moved here that when you look at the mountains, you need to see snow on the peaks for the main range of the Rockies because that water comes down to benefit those of us in the front range and Eastern plains.
  3. School is out (although in Arapahoe County, school was already out for Spring Break, but I digress)!  My children come home from school, eat, do homework, take baths, then we have a little time for stories and prayer then they head to bed.  But with snow days? That means time with the kids, cozy inside, with movies, snacks, and a good time in the backyard playing in this fluffy white stuff.  Kevin DeYoung captured this in his recent blog post from December 1, 2011, “Heaven is Your Snow Day.” 

What are some benefits you see to a blizzard?


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