Why Easter is an Ordinary Day at Church

We dress up. We decorate our sanctuaries/auditoriums/worship centers. We preach and center our worship gatherings in song and Word around the specific topic of the resurrection of Christ. Pastors spending time preaching either on the events leading up to and of the resurrection, or spending time looking at the biblical record in defending the resurrection.

Easter is a special day because more people come, usually those who (1) are irregular attenders who recognize the special nature of the day, and (2) are family members of those who are regular members. It’s a special day for family, but also a special day for church family seeing so many who are members but return.

In other words, Easter is a very special day.

But Easter is also an ordinary day.

You see, every single worship gathering in which we engage interacts with the resurrection of Christ. While we may not dress up in our ‘Easter’ outfits (depending on certain traditions),

  • We decorate our auditoriums in a way that seeks to connect all who come in to Christ (either by furniture and crosses, or by more sparseness so nothing distracts).
  • Pastors prepare their sermons in the hope of the resurrection, preaching salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone from the Scriptures alone to the glory of God alone.  Faith in the risen Christ, that is!
  • Time will tell who will return and who will stay, but our prayers are fueled by the understanding that we approach the throne of grace with confidence, a throne occupied by the risen Christ who still intercedes for us.
  • We sing to an exalted Christ or about an exalted Christ because of our knowing that He lives!
  • We stay steadfast, immovable, abounding in the work of the Lord because our work is not in vain (1 Corinthians 15:58)–why? Because Christ’s work on our behalf was not in vain.  The resurrection lays the foundation.

Yes, Jesus is enough!  His death, His resurrection is enough for our salvation, sanctification, and glorification.

Hmm… maybe every gathering is extraordinary in that light!

Thanks be to God for the gift of Christ!  He is alive!  He is enough!


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