Fifteen Lessons (So Far) from Nehemiah 1-2

NehemiahSo far at Arapahoe Road, we’ve spent three Sundays on two chapters of Nehemiah. So far, we’ve gleaned thirteen lessons for leaders from these first two chapters alone. Pray for the leaders of your church as they shepherd the flock of God in the sufficiency of Christ.

  1. Know the reality of God’s Word (Nehemiah 1:8-9).
  2. Know the reality of your present circumstances (1:2-3).
  3. Have a desperation to bridge the gap between His Word and your situation .
  4. Continue praying and fasting by (1:4)…
  5. Adore the God who made you and made your people, the Church (1:5).
  6. Admit your sins both as individuals and as a people (1:6-7).
  7. Remember the promises that God gave (1:8-9)
  8. Go at the speed of God (1:10-11).
  9. Look and pray for opportunities He will provide (2:1-3).
  10. Be prepared for God’s vision and mission to consume you (2:1-3)
  11. Engage in flare prayers (2:4).
  12. Follow through with the opportunities He provides (2:9).
  13. Recognize that critics will abound when we engage in God’s work (2:10, 19).
  14. Inspect the situation for yourself–don’t just take someone’s word for it, but take His Word for it (2:11-16).
  15. Bring others along with you to see the opportunities and follow through as well (2:17-20)–i.e. discipleship.

In reading Nehemiah 1-2, what other lessons do you see arising from the text?


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