The Importance of Greeters

Everything has to tie in to making disciples, and this includes greeter ministries. Greeters help overcome the initial obstacles of coming to a new church with their own hopefulness and joyfulness, opening the door for them to become and connect with other disciples and be hopeful, joyful disciples themselves. Helping our greeters see the part they play in this vision is critical.

  1. Greeters are likely the first people you see at a church, and their first impressions are key. Like begets like. If we fail to provide a hopeful, joyful atmosphere in greeting, we are less likely to produce hopeful, joyful disciples. But if that first impression is positive, warm, and encouraging, then those greeters have planted the appropriate seeds for disciple-making growth.
  2. Everyone has a part to play in the greeter ministry, even if they aren’t technically on the greeter team. “Well, I didn’t volunteer to serve as a greeter–this doesn’t apply to me.” Oh, but it does. Everyone makes an impression.
  3. A readiness to make sure the guests go where they need to go. Many churches have either classes (such as Sunday School) or services (if small groups take place outside the building) where they can learn more about Christ. Making sure they arrive in those places with as little stress as possible (after all, if you’re a new guest, you’ll be nervous some).
  4. Nametags and smiles are standard issue.  Need I say more?

    Again, everything must tie in to tthe making of disciples. 


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