Phrases we most use around our office

It’s interesting how certain phrases develop in use over time. I’ve been pastor of my church for the last six years, and here are some phrases that we of used over that period of time as reminders of how we are to minister to others.

  1. It’ll be fine.” This is not a cop-out nor an excuse to avoid deep-thinking on a subject. This comes about when we are tempted to linger on minutiae and are concerned about what “someone” may think. We evaluate whether this will violate a moral or a biblical issue, take all the pros and cons into it and then say, “Ah! It’ll be fine!”
  2. Tough skin, tender heart.” Sometimes, people say things to us that are not nice! Some are demanding! Does this mean we are rude and demanding back? No! We still have a tender heart as we love our people as well as our enemies. We ask God for a tough skin in the midst of these problems, but a tender heart in ministering and loving them.
  3. Remember, most jokes are half true.” I enjoy humor, but when joking with someone, we must beware that there may be perceived truth in the joke. This saying is a deterrent for saying things that may be hurtful to others, regardless of intent.
  4. Anything you need from me?/How can I help?” Pastors, do all you can to help those around you. Help is a two-way street. Find ways to help others get projects done. It’s fulfilling the command to love one another (John 13:34-35).
  5. “Get ‘er done.” Our new administrative assistant Carla has brought this phrase to the office. It motivates all of us to get done what needs to be done.
  6. How can we fix this?” We don’t always get everything right. In fact, there isn’t A-day that goes by that a mistake isn’t made. So, we ask ourselves how we can fix this. Usually, an easy solution is right around the corner. However, we have on occasion stepped in something deep. Even so! No excuses and no delays.
  7. What can we learn from this?” With every mistake comes a lesson. While we all make mistakes, we shouldn’t repeat those mistakes. Asking what we can learn from our mistakes turns every moment into a teachable moment. It’s the epitome of foolishness to not mine out lessons from our mistakes.

What phrases do you use around the office?


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