What’s Up Wednesday: Understand the Importance of the Pace of Change


Last Wednesday, I shared with you some principles from Sam Rainer’s book Obstacles in the Established Church and why some in those established churches resist change.

Today, I want to share three principles from Rainer’s book on the important not just of change, but the pace at which leaders make changes.

If you find yourself brand new at a church (within the first six months, say), keep these principles in mind:

  1. Move quickly through change with doctrine and discipline issues.
  2. Move slowly through change in stages with structural, staff, and non-biblical issues.
  3. Move slowly through change if it’s your first church.

This quote is absolute gold:

Change is not the most important role for church leaders. Don’t attempt change if you haven’t learned to love the people of the church and the community. If you haven’t had supper with a dozen members, you’re not ready to lead change. If you don’t know the name of the deacon’s chairman’s spouse, you’re not ready to lead change. If you can’t succinctly describe your group structure, you’re not ready to lead change. You cannot lead a church forward unless you love your church where it is now, not where you hope it will be in the future. Change is important. But true change does not happen without love (emphasis mine)(p.28).


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