What’s Up Wednesday: Why God Closes Doors

Read Acts 16:6-10.

At the end of Acts 15, Paul and Barnabas disagreed sharply over whether to take a young man named John Mark with them on their next journey. See, Mark left them before in Pamphylia because, as Steve Brown once said, he missed his mom’s apple pie. Barnabas, called the ‘son of encouragement’ in Acts 4, wanted to give him another opportunity. Paul didn’t want to risk it. So he took Silas to Syria and Cilicia.

In Acts 16:1-5, they found themselves in Derbe and Lystra, where they met Timothy, who would become an elder at the church in Ephesus eventually, but here was a disciple of Jesus. He strengthened the churches, and they increased in number.

You may remember the hymn, “Send the Light!” It starts off, “There’s a call comes ringing o’er the restless wave, Send the light! Send the light!” There’s a line in there which said, “We have heard the Macedonian call today!” If you weren’t aware of this passage, you wouldn’t understand—but now you do.

GOD CLOSES DOORS in order to get us where He wants us.  He closed the door in the region of Phrygia and Galatia for Paul, Silas and Timothy in order for them to get to the threshold of the open door God opened where they could go over into Europe and spread the gospel there.

Simply put, if God is closing a door on you, trust Him! He rescued you from your sin and brokenness to recover you toward His purpose by the gospel of Jesus! He’s not done working. Trust Him with the closed door! You won’t be sorry you did!


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