The Sandwich Pinned to our Bulletin Board

In our office, I put up a ‘sandwich’ that I found online that I found helpful.


I hope you’re encouraged that I didn’t pin an actual sandwich on the bulletin board. But this sandwich is so very helpful in dealing with others. I have shared this with previous associates, not because I’ve seen it out there, but from experience. I’m thankful this picture came out to validate that I wasn’t off my rocker.

If you have some constructive criticism, always, always, always surround it with positive remarks and strong points about what they are doing. Now, when I say, always, this is at first. It will depend on the situation. For instance, Paul started off 12 of his 13 letters in the NT with a measure of thankfulness at their faithfulness. The one? Galatians. It depends on the situation, as well as if the situation keeps repeating itself and no improvement is seen. Then, you get more to the point.

But this sandwich is so critical in being socially aware in your relationships. John Maxwell is right, “Leadership is influence.” Leaders need to let those whom they lead to know they are valued. Those with a low emotional intelligence do not value those who disagree with them and are harmful and hurtful to any organization. Those with a high emotional intelligence value those, even if they aren’t totally aligned. They are most helpful to an organization, for they find themselves in a position to bring about unity. Another Maxwellism: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

So this is a healthy sandwich in which to partake. What are some examples of how this has worked for you?


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