Let’s Meet Them at the Corner Flag: Living a Life of Thankfulness

I watch soccer, one of my favorite pastimes during downtime. I’m a season ticket holder for the Colorado Rapids, Everton supporter, and just an all-around lover of the game.

Yet, one aspect of soccer always bothers me. And no, it’s not “they don’t use their hands so it’s not a real sport” beef, or the “0-0 scores are un-American.” It’s the same thing that bothers me in other sports:

If someone scores, they act like they were the only one involved. 

You see it in American football. A running back makes a great play for a touchdown, and they stand in the spotlight.

A basketball player dunks offs an alley-oop, then stands on the endline, arms crossed like a boss.

A striker scores off a sweet cross from a player on the wing then run to the corner flag to receive all the adulation from the fans.

And so on.

The truth extends into all of life. Any of us who believe we are ‘self-made’ are deceiving themselves. Someone came along in your life to help you. Even enemies that may assail you taught you something about how not to live and behave. And don’t forget that God is the one that gives you 25,000 breaths every day.

If someone has helped you along, thank Jesus for His good gift to you (James 1:17). Then, in soccer speak, meet the one who helped you over at the corner flag and celebrate with them!

We’re all in this together!


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