The Necessity of Trinity in the Integrity of the Gospel

In Kevin Vanhoozer’s book The Drama of Doctrine, he insightfully shares how the doctrine of the Trinity is not mere “abstract speculation,” but necessary to the gospel itself.

The church fathers soon came to realize that the integrity of the gospel is fatally compromised if either the Son or the Spirit is not fully God. If the Son were not God, he could neither reveal the Father nor atone for our sin. If the Spirit were not God, he could unite us to neither the Father and Son nor one another. The gospel, then, requires a triune God. The God of the gospel reveals and redeems precisely as Father, Son, and Spirit (43).

No wonder the early church Fathers spent so much time trying to understand the Trinity. If any of the members of the Trinity (1) did not exist, or if they existed (2) were not part of the Godhead, then the Good News of what we preach about Jesus in His death, burial, and resurrection are for naught.

Discipleship leans into the Trinity. As we preach the gospel to ourselves every single day, we do this based upon the roles of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit working in union together to secure our forgiveness. 20180929_084359


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