A Trajectory Set: #BeMakeXSend Sermon Series

In the fall of 2018, I preached through a series called #BeMakeXSend (that is: be, make, multiply, send. Below are the sermons that set our church on this trajectory.

Being a Disciple: Denying Self
Being a Disciple: The Fruit and the Foundation
Being a Disciple: Devotion to Others
Making Disciples: The One Who Commissions
Making Disciples: Knowing and Showing Your ID
Making Disciples: It’s Not Just What You Know…
Making Disciples: We Are Not Alone in This
Multiplying Disciples: Equipping to Maturity
Multiplying Disciples: … with Missional Urgency
Sending Disciples: To What End?
#BeMakeXSend: Putting It All Together


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