Scudder Lectures from MBTS: Discussing Gay and Transgenderism in the Church

Recently, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary held their annual Scudder Lectures. This year, Denny Burk, the Director of the Center for Gospel and Culture at Boyce College and Southern Seminary, spoke on two lectures addressing the gay and transgender movement among Christians.

I post these because it is so important for each of us to sort through these matters. The culture would have us believe one thing, but our concern is how the church addresses these issues. For some, it seems unloving to say these matters are wrong, or even sin. For others, if one identifies as either gay or transgender, they are not identified still as our neighbors.

We need to spend time thinking through our positions (whatever they may be), especially those of us who identify the Bible as God’s Word and our guide in faith and practice. And hopefully, you will see that the views held are not based on hate or ignorance or intolerance. A charged issue, yes. But let’s take time as believers make sure we’re getting this right.

Lecture 1 “Is Gay Okay for Christians?” . What turns a desire (epithumeo) into an orientation? When does that become sinful? Is there a difference between a harmless sexual desire and a sinful sexual desire? What makes temptation sinful?

Lecture 2 “Is Transgender Okay for Christians?”

Panel (Jason K. Allen, Burk, Strachan):


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