I Can’t Wait for Sundays

No really — I can’t wait for Sundays to roll around. As a pastor, most everything that occurs during the week comes to a fine point on Sunday morning. As I consider Acts 6:4 where the disciples gave themselves primarily over to “prayer and the ministry of the Word,” I find that my main ministry is that of connecting with God in prayer and ministering the Word of God through preaching and teaching — everything else stems off these two ministries.What is it about Sundays that excites me so?

(1) I get to see my church family. I have been here at Arapahoe Road for almost eight years, I have noticed various transitions. I started out as “the new guy” with everyone anticipating in the first year but staying at arms length, to becoming “the preacher” to now becoming their “pastor.” I am now being seen as one of the family. This takes time, trust, and lots of love in Christ.

(2) I get to preach God’s Word to God’s people. What a privilege! What a calling!  To be able to open up His Word and know that this is His revelation to the world in general and to His people specifically is a thought I can scarcely contemplate.  And to know that the Holy Spirit will take that Word and apply it to hearts and will make sure it accomplishes all that it desires to accomplish — goodness!

(3)  I get to hear stories of what God is doing in hearts and minds of his people.  One person receives Christ, another person grasps a truth God reveals, another shares their faith, another asks questions trying to understand how God lives and moves and has his being … and the list goes on.   That is exciting!

(4)  I get to pray with my people.  We get to connect with God together, linking arms and advancing his kingdom during this spiritual warfare.  Praying for those who are lost, who are sick, in the military, our government officials, our church staff and deacons, our college students, our outreach ministries, our churches with whom we are partnering, and on top of that praising God for who he is and what he has done!These are just four of many. 

What other things make you look forward to being with your brothers and sisters on for Sunday morning worship?

(Adapted from a Facebook post from September 30, 2007.)


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