Love’s Redeeming Work is Done: A New Holy Week Devotional

As Holy Week approaches, we wanted to provide you with a resource to help you deepen your walk with Christ during this central week of our Christian year.

With that in mind, we provide you with a new Holy Week Devotional called “Love’s Redeeming Work is Done” (available in pdf form) which walks us through the last week of Jesus’ life from Palm Sunday until the Resurrection. 

What makes this so special is that the contributors are members of Arapahoe Road. Seeing how God has moved in their hearts and minds to bring home such wonderful truths–well, what an encouragement that is! 

So, thank you to Ken Dillender, Gar Hoover, Sam Huckaby, Nicole Martens, Scott Morter II, and Bob Scott for their work in helping us become more hopeful, joyful disciples of Jesus. 

Table of Contents

Day One: Rejoice the Lord is King!  (Dr. Matthew Perry)

Day Two: Jesus Clears More than the Temple by Ken Dillender

Day Three: The King is Coming by Scott Morter II

Day Four: Do You Love God? by Sam Huckaby

Day Five: Anticipation of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb by Bob Scott

Day Six: The Light of the World is Jesus by Nicole Martens

Day Seven: Low in the Grave He Lay by Gar Hoover

Day Eight: The Resurrection Reality by Dr. Matthew Perry


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