Testimonies are Good–But They are Not the Gospel

Your salvation testimonies are good.

They show God is still at work.
They show God works personally.
They show God works intentionally.
They show how you lived before Christ.
They show how you came to a crisis point.
They show how your life was changed by Christ.
They show an opportunity for others to be changed by Christ.

But your testimony is not the gospel.

The gospel reminds you of God’s design.
The gospel shows you have wandered from His design (sin.)
The gospel shows that we are broken because of our wandering.
The gospel shows the futility of trying to fix our brokenness in our own way.
The gospel is about how Jesus rescues us from our brokenness.
The gospel shows us we need to turn hard from sin and turn hard to Christ.
The gospel shows how we are restored to God’s design and purpose through Christ.

Have a testimony–that differs from person to person.

Know the gospel–that never changes.

#3Circles #BeMakeXSend #MakeMuchOfJesus


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