ARBC Sunday Sermon: “Everything We Need to Do Everything He Commands” (Hebrews 13:20-21)

What we need is encouragement. I believe it is up to the church of Jesus Christ to model from an authentic faith and godly character what looks like not just in good times. God is exposing the idols and the fractures that already existed but were covered by good times and things moving in our apparent favor. We have a frustration right now, but I believe God wants to set us free from that frustration, from that desire to see things go the way we want rather than getting on board with what God is up to.

Yes, He is working. His goodness and faithfulness are not quarantined to just good times and smooth sailing. The entirety of Hebrews could be summed up with three words: “Jesus is better”—than the angels, than Moses, than Melchizedek, than the old covenant—better!

Say this with me: “God will give you everything you need to do everything He commands.” Even now? Yes. But things aren’t “normal.” True, but God is not confined by “normal.” But “church” isn’t the same. But the Great Commission is not quarantined, everyone! How does God equip us? By the Spirit! And through the Spirit we receive what we need.

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