Good Morning Devo (8.13.2021): You Cannot Separate Trust in God from the Fear of God

Good morning! In his book The Joy of Fearing God, Jerry Bridges writes, “We cannot separate trust in God from the fear of God. We will trust Him only to the extend that we genuinely stand in awe of him.” Trusting God (or, as our Australian brothers put it, treasuring God) means that we set ourselves aside because we see the true glory is not found in self or in the culture, but in Christ.

As such, God has promised to take care of us. Our treasure is in heaven (read Matthew 6:19-24). Honor and glory are His, not ours–but others will see the working and change Christ has wrought in our hearts. And while we may have long life on the earth, we will as followers of Jesus will receive an eternal home with eternal life purchased by the unchanging Christ because we are not only followers of Christ, but are in Christ–chosen, adopted, redeemed, united, and sealed in Him (see Ephesians 1:3-14).

How humbling is that?


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