Sunday Sermon: Christ, the One Who is Worthy (Psalm 29)

We are people of the Book. Like Nehemiah, when they finished the wall, we call God’s leaders to “bring out the book” to read the Book not merely to make ourselves feel better or fulfill our destiny or to find our breakthrough. Worship is about knowing God–not just knowing about Him.

Worship is not ultimately about us. Worship is about God! It’s about His Son Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit has provided the only way for our rescue from our brokenness and the brokenness of the culture. When someone says, “Oh, they are just born that way!” or when you may say, “I’m stuck,” the cross and the empty tomb scream otherwise. When someone puts something on you on how you are to act

As I mentioned in the last sermon, these Psalms (whether of David or otherwise) depict a reality of what happens in our lives (our minds, our hearts, our souls, or the struggles of day-to-day living). We can relate.

Yet, I wonder if this Psalm befits you as a follower of Jesus? Is your life a life of praising and glorifying Christ? Does this Psalm reflect well in your life?


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