Good Morning Devo for 9.9.2021: Christ Calls Us to Love This Culture That Hates Him

September 09 (JPG)

Good morning! We can look at the culture around us and think, “How terrible! How godless!” And, from the perspective of a hopeful, joyful disciple, this would be a correct though incomplete accessment. Yes, the culture careens away from God’s perfect design, but this also serves as an opportunity for us to be workers among the harvest.

Even in Jesus’ day, the harvesters were few. Rather than going out into the field, they stayed in their homes surrounded by others in their family. This happens today–rather than going and reaching our sphere of influence (our friends, relatives, associates, neighbors, and strangers around us), we succumb to the temptation to huddle among those who share our beliefs, traditions, and worldviews.

God calls His people to ask His Son to send out workers. I remember serving on staff in a church in South Florida with a Minister of Discipleship and Family Life who urged us all to pray this prayer. Turns out, God sent him as a missionary with the IMB to Europe–where he still serves today. Yes, if we pray this prayer, God may send us. Yet, being led by Him, empowered by Him, is the place we all need to be.

Are you ready to follow Christ’s command to pray this prayer? Are you ready to be that worker among the harvest? That very culture you find so terrible and so godless–well, you might find yourself with an all-consuming burden to love them and reach them for Christ. And that’s how someone felt when they came to talk to you, dear Christian.

Aren’t you glad they did?

Matthew Perry, Ph.D., serves as Lead Pastor of Arapahoe Road Baptist Church, Centennial, CO.


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