Good Morning Devo for 9.27.2021: Where Do I Find This Perfect Peace?

Good morning! Peace–what a longed-for reality in our broken world. So many believe that peace is an absence of war. For the Christian, that will certainly happen one day, for we know how the story ends (Revelation 21-22–if you want to go ahead and read that, feel free! I’ll wait!).

Yet, the peace to which Isaiah refers in the song sung in Isaiah 26 is not an outward peace filled with truces and treaties, but a peace based upon reconciliation between a sinful humanity and a holy God. The reason for the plethora of anxieties and depressions is a lack of peace that is based in eternity. Peace grounded here in time is fleeting, for another issue stemming from our brokenness will arise in short order.

The Spirit reminds us to keep our mind “stayed” on him based upon a trust in (dare we say, a treasure of) Christ. Do you treasure Christ? Or have other treasures served as a substitute? If the latter, then that fulfillment is fleeting. If the former, that fulfillment is foundational to all else that comes your way.

Have you trusted in and treasured Christ as your Savior–as your all in all? If not, come to Christ! Surrender your brokenness to Him. By the bloody cross and the empty tomb, he will give you that everlasting peace based upon the everlasting rock (26:4).


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