Good Morning Devo for 9.28.2021: Working Out What God Worked In

Good morning! We are able to work out in obedience what God has work in us in diligence. We could not work out something of this nature that God could work in.  Again, only God can work in our salvation.   The pit was too deep and too dark for us to escape.  The waves were about to wash us under.  Our sin was as an avalanche ready to bury us, with no way for us to tunnel our way out.

But God has worked in us.  We can only obey him well because of His work in us.  We can only love each other, as Paul called the Philippian church his ‘beloved,’ because of the love God first worked in us (1 John 4:19).  And look at that little prepositional phrase.  Paul did not simply God would work in the world, or that God would work in the church (although in other places he has indicated this work in other places), but the Word says, “it is God who works in you.”  

What has God worked in you? Praise Him for what He’s done and tell others! That’s another incredible way to work out what God has worked in!


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