Good Morning Devo for 9.29.2021: How Will You Answer This Question?

Good morning! Like yesterday, God calls us to work out what He has worked in. All through James, we are called to live out the lessons and wisdom we’ve learned through the trials we experienced as Christians. In the previous chapter (James 3:1-12), we learn that the tongue is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Our speech and our actions come about from what happens in our hearts and our thinking. The apostle James warns us that we are to not allow fresh water and salt water to intermingle, a picture of not allowing blessings and curses to come from our mouths. We must produce that which is pure and that can only come from pursuing His wisdom and understanding.

So who is wise and understanding? The one who trusts and treasures the fount of all wisdom and understanding.

Are you pursuing Christ with all you have or are you pursuing the wisdom and understanding that the culture embraces–well, at least embraces for now. Pursue Him who lasts!

How will you answer this question?


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