Good Morning Devo for 10.5.2021: Are Our Prayers Specimens of Spiritual Death?

October 05 (JPG)

Good morning. William Nicholson in 1862 had this to say about our verse for the day:

It is not the energy and warmth of the flesh — but the inwrought prayer, expressed in simple desires, regulated by the love of God. Fervent prayer engrosses the affections, the will, and the desires. Without fervor, prayers are specimens of spiritual death; they are like bodies without life. To pray is to groan, to sigh, to cry, to wrestle, and to give God no rest until he bless us. The magnitude of the blessings required call for fervency.

Does this describe prayer for you? If so, praise God! If not, why not? May the love of God so overwhelm us that we cannot help but love Him back and pray to Him with full confidence and affection.


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