Good Morning Devo for 10.7.2021: We Cannot Shout, We Cannot Sing, But…

October 07 (JPG)

Good morning! Once, when King Edward visited a home for the deaf, he saw this scribbled on the wall:

We cannot shout
We cannot sing
But we can love
Our gracious King.

We are to love each other as Christ loved us. As Romans 5:5 tells us, God pours His love in our hearts through the gift of the Holy Spirit. This ‘pouring’ of love is understood to be as being poured out to the point of overflowing. One remembers the 23rd Psalm when we see God preparing a table before us in the presence of our enemies and that as part of this feast our cup will overflow with His goodness and favor and presence.

We do not have the physical or moral capability to love one another as Christ loves us outside of Christ pouring that love in us. Are you trying to love others in your own strength, or are you pursuing Christ with all you have to show you how to love your neighbor as yourself?


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