Using Social Media Evangelistically

Christ called us to take His gospel into every nation and people group. Social media, yes, serves as one of the many environments to which the Great Commission applies.

Some questions:

  1. Does your page tell more about your political leanings than your spiritual convictions?
  2. Does your page exalt self or your Savior?
  3. Does your page tear down or build up?
  4. Does your page discourage or encourage?
  5. Do you engage with others harshly or with “gentleness and respect” (1 Peter 3:15-16)?
  6. Are you ashamed of Jesus because you may lose followers or have others come against you?
  7. Do you bash or build up the church?
  8. Does social media hold you more than Christ does?

We are Christians everywhere–even social media. Those pages are not just our pages. If we belong to Christ, then so does everything else that belongs to us. It’s His page.

Now go, and make disciples!


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