Christianity is Not a Killjoy–It’s Outright Joy! Good Morning Devotional for 11.16.2021

November 16 (JPG)

Good morning! Growing up, we sang a Hymn during our worship gatherings called “Trust and Obey.” I still remember the chorus:

Trust and obey! For there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus than to trust and obey!

Psalm 119 is the longest Psalm, logging in at 176 verses (yes, this psalm is longer than some New Testament books). Psalm 119 reinforces the nature and purpose of God’s Word. A helpful exercise is to go through this Psalm and look at the different synonyms for the Bible (precepts, commandments, etc.), and then go back through and see how God’s people must react to His Word. One word captures it all: joy.

“Wait a minute! You’re saying following God’s Word brings joy? It’s more like a killjoy. I’ve seen Christians who say they believe the Bible–and they are bo-ring.”

I would say that if we are living as we are created, with the Spirit living and working in us, we will have joy because our identity matches our created reality.

Are you living in light of your Creator? Have you been born again by the New Creator, Jesus Christ? Our joy increases the more we are aligned with Christ and His Word.


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