Is He Your Strength and Shield? Good Morning Devotional for 11.24.2021

Good morning!

There was a man who heard a report on the radio that the rivers had overrun their banks and the town in which he lived would be flooded. He, being a religious man, prayed and believed that God would save him. As the waters rose, a boat came by. The captain yelled, “Sir, did you hear the report on the radio? The water is rising and flooding the town. You’re in danger. Get on the boat and I’ll take you to safety.” “No,” the man replied, “I’m religious. I pray–God will rescue me. No, thank you!” As the situation grew more dire, the man went to the roof. A helicopter came by. The pilot took to the bullhorn and yelled, “Sir! The floods are still coming. You’re in danger. I’ll lower a ladder for you to climb on and I’ll take you to safety.” “No, I’m religious. I’ve prayed and believed that God will rescue me. No thank you.”

And the man drowned.

When He stood before the Lord, he was wondering why. Why did not God listen to him? Why didn’t He rescue him from the danger? When he asked the Lord, God’s response was simple. “I heard your prayer.” “How, Lord? I drowned.” “Yes, but I sent you a radio report, a boat, and a helicopter. You took none of those.”

Obviously, there are some frayed edges to this story, but the kernel of this is truth–we must be careful to do a number of things.

  1. Spend a dedicated, intentional time in devotionals in the Word every day.
  2. Do not pigeonhole God in how he should and should not answer.

One day, we will get to heaven and see all the ways God was our strength and shield–ways we do not even understand. Praise God for that! May Christ be our strength and shield–let’s give Him all the praise for all He is and has done.


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