God’s Glory is Always the Goal : Good Morning Devotional for 12.20.2021

December 20 (JPG)

Good morning! The Babylonians would forge and shape their idols.  Rather that seeing that God created man, man chose to create ‘gods.’  What kind of god is this?  No matter how you dress it up, it does not work.  They would create an idol to provide identity and direction.  We do not have idols all of wood and stone, but what idols do we have that shape our lives.  Sports?  Security?  Stability?  I was talking to a pastor in the area and their goal is to make Jesus un-ignorable.  He advised me, “In Denver, the Broncos are un-ignorable, but Jesus is ignorable—we want to change that.”  Even listening to Woody Paige who used to write for the Denver post, in commenting on the destruction of Mile High Stadium—“It was like a cathedral, and folks met there every Sunday afternoon for church.”  In fact, some even meet and have church on Saturday night, because sports are so prominent on Sunday. 

Can these idols teach?  No, they are silent.  But the Lord is not!  He is in His holy Temple—now you be quiet before Him.  He is a God that speaks and redeems. You may say, “There’s no more Temple!”   Yes, there is.  Haven’t you seen it?  “Oh sure, their making plans for it right now, in Israel, showing the end will come.”  But the Temple that we should be more concerned about is the true Temple in John 2:19:  “Destroy this Temple, and in three days I will raise it up.”  Clearly, Jesus is talking about Himself, the true place where God dwells (John 1:14-18).

When the Son came, He as the Temple housed the full glory of God. And God’s glory is always the goal!


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