Top Ten Most Read Blog Posts for 2021

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Since I’ve started writing daily devotionals over the last 1/3 of the year, the readership has gone up. Here are the most read articles for 2021.

  1. Spurgeon’s View of Bible Translations: Clearly, Spurgeon preferred the King James Version of the Scriptures, given he preached in 19th-century London for 38 years. Yet, what was his view toward other translations?
  2. Why Are Preachers So Exhausted? When I first started in pastoral ministry, I was surprised at how fatigued I was after preaching a Sunday morning service. Turns out I was not alone. Why are so many preachers so exhausted after preaching?
  3. The Blessings and Benefits of a Blizzard: Many lament blizzards and all that comes with it–but are there blessings to be found?
  4. The Three People You Need Most in Your Life: The Scriptures help us have the proper relationships in our lives.
  5. How Pentecost Reversed the Tower of Babel: The Scriptures stand as one historical-redemptive narrative. Pentecost (the coming of the Spirit as told in Acts 2) reversed the problems that arose at the Tower of Babel.
  6. What Makes a Christian Unstable? James 1:2-8 shows us!
  7. Have People Written You Off? God’s Not Finished Writing Your Story
  8. Moving Away or Moving On–What to Do Next When Leave a Church You Loved? Leaving your church is not simply a geographical movement to another church. The ripple effects reach far and wide.
  9. The One Thing That Kept Beethoven Alive: Beethoven came to a crisis of such magnitude that he considered taking his life. Here is what kept him alive–to the benefit of all who would come after.
  10. Why I Love Sunday Mornings: A medium-sized list that covers some of the reasons.

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