God’s Humorous Sovereignty in Spurgeon’s Conversion

Today is the anniversary of Charles Spurgeon’s conversion, January 6, 1850. Here is a post I wrote about how that came about at my Spurgeon blog, All-Around Spurgeon. May this encourage us that God will use interesting means to bring His children to salvation.

All-Around Spurgeon

Charles Spurgeon quote: Conversion is a turning onto the right road. The  next...

On this day in 1850, Charles Spurgeon became a follower of Jesus. I choose to think about this alongside the day of Epiphany–this helps overshadow that dark day known as Insurrection Day that happened in my beloved United States one year ago.

God’s ways are mysterious but they are always wonderful (that is, full of wonder). Look at the means of how God saved Spurgeon.

God used a blizzard. That blizzard took Spurgeon into a primitive Methodist church on Artillery Street in Colchester.

I sometimes think I might have been in darkness and despair now, had it not been for the goodness of God in sending a snowstorm one Sunday morning, when I was going to a place of worship. When I could go no further, I turned down a court and came to a little Primitive Methodist Chapel. In that chapel there might be a dozen or fifteen people…

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