Biblical History is Not Just for Information: Devotional for February 2, 2022

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Today’s Bible reading from the Five Day Bible Reading Plan: Exodus 7-9; Psalm 105; Ephesians 1

Yes, history is our friend! For some, looking back on ancient dates, places, and people is as interesting as watching the grass grow. What possible benefit could looking back benefit us in the here and now and help us for the future? Much!

Psalm 105 takes the reader through many of the wonderful works of God in history as a reminder of his goodness, ability, and faithfulness–specifically in forming them as a people and delivering them from the tyranny of Egypt. While the Israelites dealt with these trials and struggles, they could not see the hand of God working, readying to deliver. This passage reminds the readers that God was working and that He did deliver.

Reading this along with the Exodus story of Moses’ arrival in Egypt (Exodus 5) through the plagues until the rescue and accompanying song (Exodus 12-15), God worked out the plan He had all along. Why?

Psalm 105:43-45 notes:

So he brought his people out with joy,
His chosen ones with singing.
And He gave them the lands of the nations,
and they took possession of the fruit of the peoples’ toil
that they might keep his status and observe his laws.
Praise the LORD!

Biblical history is not merely for our information–it is for our transformation, for our hearts must lean toward a desire and a disciple to keep God’s Word.

So take time to read the Word to see how God works. As you see how God works, you’ll long more to keep His Word!


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