Satan Has His Plans, We Have God’s Word: Devotional for February 9, 2022

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Today’s Bible Reading from the Five Day Bible Reading Plan: Exodus 22-24, Psalm 109, Ephesians 6

With Paul’s use of the word “finally” in Ephesians 6:10, we come to the final section of this book. Ephesians has helped us recognize (I pray) our position as the Church of Jesus Christ and how to live (practice) their faith. Ephesians has served to help us not only understand our relationship with God but also how the gospel has changed our relationships with each other.

We have to realize that there is an adversary who seeks to undermine God’s truth and divert us from focusing on the path He calls us to walk. Therefore, God has promised not to leave us along but to give us strength based on His might, not ours. As we saw from the previous passages, Satan will come along to have us undermine God’s design, moving away from being filled with the Spirit (v. 18) but being filled with… anything else. God has a design, but Satan has “schemes” as well.

While Satan is not Almighty, he certainly is mighty. While Satan is not omniscient, he is smart. While he hates God, he knows His Word very well. We must spend some time in His Word knowing Satan’s schemes.


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