How Are You Really? Devotional for March 24, 2022

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Today’s Bible Reading from the Five Day Bible Reading Plan: Deut 19-22; Psalm 6; Luke 10.

Alistair Begg, in a sermon on this very text, said that he would often ask someone two questions, and on numerous occasions, these two questions would make one cry.

The first question? “How are you?” And what would the answer usually be? “OK!” “Fine.” “Good.” Sadly, many do not want to go further.

The second question? “How are you really?”  It is here that the tears fall.

How about I ask you that now: How are you? How are you really? We are in a culture in general, and even in the church world specifically, where feeling down or low or even under conviction of sin is not the norm but the expectation. Rather than come with these trials and talk about them, we do our best to keep up appearances for an hour or two.

So for many of us in church world, this may make us rather uncomfortable! Why not keep this in? Why put yourself in such a vulnerable position before others? Why risk the looks, the pity, the sadness? 

Seeing the gravity of our sin makes us overwhelmed by the grace of our Savior! Psalm 6 calls us to accept the reality of our sinfulness and lean into the painful process–for this process has a purpose: repentance and an acceptance of our Savior who rescues us from our sin!


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