Entitled–or Grateful? Devotional for April 4, 2022

Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com

Today’s Bible reading from the Five Day Bible Reading Plan: Joshua 14-17; Luke 17

If God does something good for you, do you feel grateful for it or entitled to it? “Well, I’m a child of God–so God is obligated to do these good things for me. After all, isn’t that His attribute–that he’s good?”

When Jesus was going between a stretch of land between Samaria and Galilee, at one point ten lepers met him asking for mercy. Lepers were never the recipient of mercy physically nor socially. That did not stop them from asking. As Jesus instructed them to go show themselves to the priests, they were healed in transit (read Luke 17:11-19).

It is of noted that Luke (the author of this gospel) brings out the fact that only one returned. “Now he was a Samaritan.” The Jews shunned the Samaritans for their Assyrian blood that intermingled with Jewish blood, so the racial tension along with the ceremonial tension that they were unclean left an indelible mark. Yet, Jesus healed him along with the other nine who were not only Jews but also ungrateful. Did they feel entitled? Were they so lost in their wellness that they lost their kindness to the one who made them well?

Jesus told him, “Your faith has made you well.” What? Wasn’t he already well physically? Turns out there’s more than one way to be well, and this in an eternal sense. Jesus was setting the table for everyone to understand that He came to bring His saving news (and Himself) to all nations. If we have received His saving work, are we grateful–or do we believed we’ve already been good enough for Christ to save us, but He just needed to polish us up?

Today, if you are a follower of Jesus, thank Him for the work He did. If you are not, thank Him that He made a way for you to receive. Extend that gratitude by receiving His saving work that He accomplished for you at the bloody cross and the empty tomb.


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