The Valleys You Walk (Poem)

There is a type of fatigue
That sleep cannot beat
Nor make retreat.
It is a sadness of soul
From pole to pole
That afflicts the whole
Of your body and mind
Unlike any kind
You see or feel
Or experience–real
Truth needs apprehending,
Needs comprehending
Without wasting or spending
Time denying or relying
Or justifying away the reasons
The seasons that take you through the
Valleys you walk.
Let’s talk.

It’s the problem of expectations
We have in the relations
That form us, that storm us
In matters either real or perceived
The latter which deceives
Unless we receive
Truth, not “truth” conceived
In the mind of man
That cannot span
In the realm of time that sets a trajectory
Which is affecting me
In the here and now.

Our trajectory goes to into eternity
So even the hurt in me
Keeps hurtin’ me
The reflected perspective
Is the eternal objective
Of keeping my eyes on Jesus–
Even when my heart is in pieces.
When my eyes are on me
I want to flee.
When my eyes are on others,
I have my ‘druthers,’
When my eyes are on Him,
I can’t just skim the rim.
I need to go slow ’cause
I need to focus
On that which is true
To keep that in view.

Feelings are filling.
I m just be willing to engage
That which must stay center stage.
Our all in all.
He breaks our fall.
To Him, I’ll call.
I won’t stall.



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