No Hesitation: A Christ-Centered Vision for the Future (Acts 20:17-38)(ARBC Worship for 10.2.2022)

I am grateful every time a Sunday rolls around. Regardless of what may have happened during the previous week or what may come up in the weeks and months ahead, we come together around God’s Word to hear from God this morning about His Son Jesus Christ. And we also pray that the Holy Spirit would open up our hearts and apply all that God would have us to know and live.

Last Sunday night, we spend a good amount of time talking about the next steps for Arapahoe Road. It seems that we all were encouraged and excited about the possibilities of what God has for us. One person even said, “This is the best business meeting I’ve ever been to.” How often do you hear something like that? But it’s a reminder that we are to move forward for the glory of God with no hesitation.

When the apostle Paul arrived in western Asia Minor, he knew that his time was coming to a close and that it was time to start that final chapter by going to Jerusalem. Yet, he felt the need to send ahead to the elders at Ephesus to make the twenty-mile trek south along the coast and meet him in the town of Miletus (v. 17). He had already celebrated the Passover and wanted to spend Pentecost at Jerusalem. So he spent a few days in Miletus awaiting the arrival of the elders. This would be his last step in his ministry to the Gentiles.

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