What’s This Blog About?

God has called us to be, making, multiply, and send disciples of Jesus into the world. Not just to preach. Not just to lead meetings. Not just to visit folks in their homes and hospitals. God has called pastors to lead–through preaching, through meetings, through visits, and through discipline in Kingdom productivity.

Each day on this blog has a different emphasis:

Music Monday: This will help your week get started right! From Christian to classical to jazz, I will post a video that I enjoy and hopefully you will, too!

Theology Tuesday: On Tuesdays, we address a theological topic to help us be more doctrinally grounded and astute. We need discernment in an age where information doubles every twelve hours.

Leadership Wednesday: This usually deals with a leadership area in the church, such as revitalization, productivity, study tools, and other matters along this line.

Throwback Thursday: Engaging in quotes from theologians and pastors from days gone by that help us for the days ahead.

We hope this blog will be a place of refreshment, encouragement, challenge, and a way to help you take the next step in your walk as a disciple of Jesus.

[N.B. As you may imagine, this format is only sustainable when time is prevalent–which has not been the case.]

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