Challies Reading Challenge


Not only do we wish to read the Bible more as Christians, but I’m fairly certain that as Christians many of us wish to read more books in general. I was looking over the books I read in 2015, and I found myself getting into a rut. It was time for a change.

While I did read a number of theology books, I also found myself reading a lot of leadership books. When it came to personal reading, I read either one of two things American history specifically the Civil War, and the history and or tactics of soccer. I need to diversify!  I can’t get into a routine I’m just reading things that I enjoy.  I also need to make sure that I’m reading books from a wide range of topics and genres that will also be good for me.

Enter the 2016 Reading Challenge from Tim Challies.  He has developed reading plans for light readers to voracious readers.  With this, he provides suggestions for reading different genres.

Take a look and see what you think.  What other type of book reading plans do you have?