Five Core Values of ARBC

Below are the five core values held by Arapahoe Road Baptist Church which help our family of faith move forward in being, making, multiplying, and sending hopeful, joyful disciples of Jesus.

This piece is about relationships. We have found that if new members or attenders develop 3-5 solid relationships/friendships within the first six months, they will stay.
Each member should serve in some sort of ministry, whether it’s a team inside the church or a gospel-ministry of some fashion outside the church.
We give joyfully and generously to Kingdom work for the sake of the King, not to please or impress others. This is a part of discipleship. This is part of worship.
We tell others about our brokenness and how we have strayed from God’s design, but through Jesus we can pursue and restore God’s design as we repent of trying to find our answers and our identity elsewhere.