Alignment: Four Things That Should Fuel Our Ministry (Colossians 1:24-2:3): ARBC Worship (1.2.2022)

The word for the morning (maybe for our year) is alignment. We use this word in many other areas of life. For instance, what if your car is out of alignment? You’ll find out should you let go of the wheel and find yourself in a ditch because of the car pulling! Or if a Congressman or -woman votes against the position of their political party? In music, to be misaligned means to be out of tune with the other instruments or to sing off-key. Even if we aren’t musicians, we know something is … off. I could pull out this little piece of cloth as another example of our lack of alignment as a culture. We could go on and on.

Alignment in our Christian walk and amongst each other as a body of believers is necessary as well. A body of believers needs alignment with Christ and with each other. The leaders in the church need to be on the same page as well as they partner to care for the body and to connect with the community in which they live.

We are in 2022, in case you hadn’t heard. Right on the heels of 2020 and 2021–both years left us frazzled, frayed, frustrated, fearful, and fatigued. We have hope of a better 2022 but there are no guarantees. So rather than work to align ourselves on what we think or hope will be in this culture, we must align ourselves with Christ and His Word.

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Resolutions for Our Churches in 2022

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Yes, it’s that time of year. Resolutions. The years 2020 and 2021 had their share of difficulties. In order for us as Christians to navigate what promises to be another difficult year, we need to have our spiritual affairs in order so we can approach whatever comes in a way that honors God and exalts Christ.

So, here you go!

  1. Read your Bible daily. That’s right–daily! Find you a Bible reading plan that gets you in the Scriptures every day. The Five Day Bible Reading puts you in the Scriptures every weekday with a weekend margin to catch up. 
  2. Confess and repent of sin daily. God calls us to walk in holiness, and to do so means taking sin seriously. 
  3. Come to church weekly. COVID accelerated church-attending habits of some. Church attendance is decreasing in the United States because Christians/church members are not attending as frequently. For the sake of our personal walk, our churches, and our nation, this must change. There is a reason why the Spirit commands us to attend worship with our brothers and sisters. Here’s another article on the subject.
  4. Encourage someone weekly. Through notes, phone calls, coffee, or some other way–find someone and encourage them. I recently preached on “Being a Ferocious Encourager” should you like to go more in-depth.
  5. Find a small group. Studying the Bible by yourself is good–but studying the Bible with others is better. Most of our churches have small groups that are either Sunday School models (which we embrace gladly) or home models. As long as those models are geared about Scripture and biblical fellowship, dive in!
  6. Share your faith with someone in your sphere of influence weekly. As recipients of the Good News, we must dispense this Good News. Here’s one way to share it.
  7. Read some good biographies. I forget who I heard this from, but they noted that biographies of great Christian leaders serve pastors and Christians better than straight leadership books with their theories. These leaders lived their lives for us to not only emulate but to serve as cautionary tales. 
  8. Exercise regularly. We must take care of our “temples” (see 1 Corinthians 6:18-20).
  9. Find someone to disciple and to disciple you. We are to “go and make disciples.” We are to develop relationships that strengthen our walk as disciples and where we can strengthen others. This little article can help clarify.