Why This Matters YouTube Series

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

Part 1: Devotional Matters Matter More Than Logistical Matters

We’ve noticed that the videos which deal with more logistical matters regarding reopening, seating, masks, etc. receive many more ‘hits’ than do the devotional videos. That’s understandable. But this video talks about how the videos geared in Scripture help us move forward better in dealing with logistical issues. Why?

Part 2: Why Sunday School/Small Groups Matter (1.26.2022)

Here, I make the case why you should be involved in small group of some kind.

Part 3: Why Membership and Church Attendance Matter: ARBConnect (1.18.2022)

Church attendance is on the decline in the United States, even among those who are members. The reasons are numerous but the effects on non-attending Christians and the churches are significant (even disastrous). This video seeks to encourage all Christians to do a basic command of Scripture: connect with a group of fellow believers. Let’s talk about that.

Part 4: Why Questioning the Scriptures Matter (2.2.2022)

An important part of Bible study and sermon preparation is questioning the Scriptures. What does this mean? Well, let’s talk about that.

Part 5: Why Serving Jesus Matters: How Spiritual Apathy Leads to Spiritual Atrophy (2.9.2022)

This part of the Why This Matters series talks about why serving Jesus and joining the mission matters.

Part 6: Why Baptism Matters (2.18.2022)