It’s Not About You: Coming Into the Lord’s Day Rightly

My friend*, Hershael York, posted this rather choice devotional on Facebook this past Sunday morning that really hit home regarding our attitudes in approaching our Lord’s Day.

What are you thinking on this Lord’s Day morning? Whose glory do you seek? Whose feelings matter to you?

Are you thinking about sleeping so you can get more rest? It’s not about you.

Are you thinking of staying home so you can catch up on the list of things that you can never seem to do? It’s not about you.

Are you worried about your clothes, that they’re not as nice or as fashionable as what others wear to church? It’s not about you.

Do you feel troubled that others get the best parking places, or the best seats, or a better view? It’s not about you.

Do you hold a grudge against someone you feel has slighted you or said something to you that wounded your pride and hurt your feelings? It’s not about you.

Do you lament that the pastor’s sermons are too long and make you late to the restaurant so you can’t be seated immediately? It’s not about you.

Do you resent that an offering is received and you feel guilty because you don’t contribute much to the mission of the church? It’s not about you.

Do you feel distracted, even self-righteous, because you know that so many people in the church are hypocrites and do not live through the week what they pretend on Sunday? It’s not about you.

Do you feel such gratitude in your heart that God has saved you through the finished work of Christ that you must go and praise Him with His redeemed people? Good. It’s about Him.

Do you long to hear the Word preached this morning because you know that it will be the voice of God speaking personally to your weary heart? Good. It’s about Him.

Do you have such a passion to exalt Christ that a thousand wounding words from a hundred hypocritical Christians could not keep you from the worship of the One who gave His life for you? Good. It’s about Him.

Are you so willing to be possessed and guided by the Holy Spirit that, even before you get to church, you are saturated with prayers for God to do something significant in your heart this morning that will bring glory to Him? Good. It’s about Him.

Your life is either lived for you, and you’ll lose it, or it’s lived for Christ, and it will be richer and more rewarding than you can imagine. No time in your week will reveal whose glory you care about more than the way you prepare for worship. It’s not about you. It’s about Him.

* He also is a preaching professor at Southern Seminary and Senior Pastor at Buck Run Baptist Church in Frankfort, KY. But for me, friend will do quite nicely.


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