What hopeful, joyful disciples look like

​Hopeful, joyful disciples bank on God’s love and faithfulness, most fully expressed in His Son, Jesus Christ. #JesusIsEnough


Hopeful, joyful disciples recognize that hope and joy come from staying on God’s path of purity. #JesusIsEnough


Hopeful, joyful disciples meditate, not by emptying the mind, but by delightfully filling it with His Word. #JesusIsEnough


A hopeful, joyful disciple recognizes that God’s Word is fixed and does not change, and is our anchor! #JesusIsEnough #hopeandjoy


Hopeful, joyful disciples of Jesus look forward to gathering at the appointed time for worship with other siblings in Christ. #JesusIsEnough


Hopeful, joyful disciples of Jesus long to look more into His works. #JesusIsEnough


Hopeful, joyful disciples realize that the most important earthly relationship is between a husband and wife. Period. #JesusIsEnough


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